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Must be great Account Manager.

We are on the hunt for a great Account Manager who is great with clients, fantastic at working with teams and, as a bonus, good with dogs. We’re not your average Creative Agency so here’s a bit of background about why you should be interested:


BC&F Dentsu

Barnes, Catmur & Friends started in 2008 and joined the Dentsu Aegis Network in 2016. The original founders Paul Catmur and Daniel Barnes are still very much involved along with Managing Partner Luke Farmer and Creative Director Mick Stalker.

The agency always set out to be a great place to work and this has continued as we recently moved into our new building in Cook St just next door to the rest of the DAN group. The agency prides itself on the effectiveness of its work as well as the collaboration between all arms of the agency, particularly Media, Creative and Digital, so a team player is vital. Through creating distinctive work, we’re also one of NZ’s most awarded agencies for effectiveness.

Our bright new offices near Victoria Park are close to gyms, great bars, restaurants and our own supermarket. It’s a growing creative area with good transport in and out.

We like to work with people who like working with each other, so we try and keep politics to a minimum. Collaboration and co-operation is everything.

As an Account Manager, you are concerned with all day to day aspects of your accounts and are expected to handle this with confidence and experience. The role of the AM also extends into the planning and development of the accounts, with particular ownership of key relationships.

You will be a major player on your accounts and should maintain regular client contact, acting as an ambassador of the agency. The client will seek your advice, trust your judgment and value your opinion. You will be accountable for the delivery of excellent client service. You will have enthusiasm for your client’s business bringing your knowledge and expertise to bear in the agency’s work.

As an Account Manager, you should be a competent presenter and be able to pull together campaign strategies and presentations for clients. You will be expected to demonstrate initiative and be proactive in developing your account using the Planners, Media partners and Creative Team to help you.

You are responsible to the Account Director with a direct line into the Managing Partner and your role encompasses:

- Being responsible for all agency requirements related to your assigned accounts.

- Translate all strategic opportunities and objectives, collaboratively into effective campaigns.

- Create reverse briefings, break down briefing into tasks and create timelines.

- Manage creation, production and development of campaign material, including the internal and external approval process.

- Manage timings, budgets and client expectations.

- Manage communication with all internal and external stakeholders.


Professional Skills, Attitudes and Approach


Creative Thinking: The ability to look beyond the obvious to find distinctive, yet relevant solutions.

Knowledge of the Client’s Business: Account Managers should move beyond just having knowledge of their Clients’ business. They should be capable of using this knowledge to inform their actions whether that is in discussions with the Client or briefing a creative team.

Productive Client Relationships: They should be comfortable working with a Marketing Manager; displaying the judgment as to what extent they can commit the agency to action. The Account Manager’s experience should allow them to foresee and forestall potential problems in all Client initiated activity.

Process: This role is the pivotal one in ensuring timely progress of all work that passes through the agency. The quest would be to effectively manage the client’s expectation of the work, aiming to exceed this where possible. The Account Manager should have a direct input into the timely delivery of Contact Reports (48 hours max.), Timing Plans, Agendas, etc. 

Competitive Expertise: They should lead in the creation of enlightening competitive reviews, contributing particularly to the strategic analysis of work.

Passion for Integration: They should be able to marry their integrated understanding with a growing confidence in their own abilities to deliver this perspective.

Meeting Preparation: All documentation and creative materials likely to be required in the meeting are the responsibility of the Account Manager to ensure that they are present and to the best standard possible given budgetary and time constraints.

Presentation Skills: At this level, a basic competency is expected in client presentation such as competitive reviews.

Team Working: The Account Manager is the central co-ordinator of the team, providing accurate briefing and ensuring that information available when required by their team leaders or other departments. They are positioned to develop most effectively a cross-departmental team spirit and understanding of the Client context of all activities – no one should ever work in a vacuum. It is expected that the Account Manager has the judgment to know when they should seek guidance from their seniors prior to a situation becoming critical.

Financial Management: Working with the Account Director, ensure timely and profitable quoting and subsequent invoicing of all jobs and the efficient management of jobs through to close. Monitor accuracy of invoicing and payment of invoices by clients. Provide accurate information for JCR reviews and forecasts each month.

Inspiring Relationships with Partners: It is expected that the Account Manager is able to demonstrate, at an administrative and implementation level, a total understanding of their role such that it inspires total confidence and respect.

Time Management: Effective prioritising is expected with all parties made aware of any shift in delivery dates.

Quality First: this individual is expected to demonstrate enthusiasm and pride in constantly improving the quality of ideas and production values of every piece of work which Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu produces. As such, they should have relationships based on mutual respect and trust with creative.

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All Applicants need to be NZ Citizen, NZ Resident or in possession of a valid (work) visa.