The electricity retail market has a number of brands yet minimal consumer engagement. We set out to build brand strength through use of a likeable, consistent spokesman, while providing a platform for retail sales.


There’s an old adage that change is the only constant in the New Zealand electricity market. Or something like that.

It’s a constantly evolving beast, with customers jumping from company to company, and deregulation leading to over 30 new power retailers emerging. All of this proved a challenge for the established power companies, who responded by rebranding, changing their advertising, or offering sweeter deals, all of which had mixed results.


We helped Meridian find their way through this chaos by ensuring they stayed true to their values and focused on one thing which made them distinctive: their position as the only 100% renewable energy generator. Coupled with quirky creative campaigns featuring Jeremy Wells, we ensured the brand stayed strong.


Meridian is now known by consumers as the most sustainable power company in New Zealand. And it isn’t just feelgood stuff either. The fact that it was the best performing power company on the NZX (and for a time the best performing company full stop) means this translated into true business success as well. 


Whether it’s helping people move house, save the world from their sofas, or beat the Norwegians at their own electric car game, below are some of the ways we helped Meridian keep their place on the New Zealand power landscape.


Take On Norway

Meridian wanted to show Kiwis they’re right behind the burgeoning electric vehicle market in New Zealand. We spread the message over a campaign featuring TV, outdoor and digital that encouraged people to get patriotic and help New Zealand catch up to the world leader in EVs, Norway.

BCF Dentsu

Dreaming of a bright, renewable future

Meridian’s teamed up with smart home company Nest, the innovative company behind the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm of the future because of their shared vision. Both companies see a future where technology helps protect us and our environment. Jeremy nodding off and dreaming of our shared utopia gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase our vison to New Zealand as well as offering them a piece of it.

Nest Protect

We then drove interest in the Nest Protect with a series of 15” and 6” bumpers designed to introduce Kiwis to this piece of the future.

Social Media pre roll

Powering Today. Protecting Tomorrow.

To communicate Meridian's support for Electric Vehicles, Jeremy and Mini-Jeremy take a trip around beautiful New Zealand and explain how they're a great way for the drivers of today to look out for the drivers of tomorrow. 

Kakapo Recovery Programme

As well as doing their bit for the environment by producing renewable energy, Meridian also support initiatives such as the Kākāpō Recovery Programme. Naturally, real kākāpō are a little thin on the ground, so we developed an animated star for an online content video that was so well-received it was run on TV.


Saving the World from your Sofa

Switching to Meridian is a way people can do their bit for the planet from the comfort of their living rooms. We demonstrated this with a TV-led campaign featuring Jeremy in a cabbage suit, and a goat.

“New Zealand surveys, conducted by Colmar Brunton, have ranked Meridian as the strongest performing brand in the electricity sector.”

Mark Binns - Meridian CEO

Jeremy goes online

As part of a new digitally focused acquisition strategy, we created a series of 15” online films and audio ads encouraging people to switch to Meridan so they can spend less money on power and more on the things they actually enjoy.

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