Not About Us.

Read most agency websites and around this point they’ll attempt to answer the question ‘what makes us different?’


The answer is generally the same: a paragraph, maybe two, containing vague, interchangeable phrases such as ‘creativity as a business tool’, ‘a vision for what is possible’, ‘innovative ways to connect’, ‘we make good coffee’ etc.


Yet if the essence of advertising is differentiation, how come agencies, both good and bad, are incapable of differentiating themselves? And if the quality of an agency is indistinguishable by reading its ‘what makes us different’ section, why have one at all?






Infrequently asked (but still useful) questions.

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Our beliefs:

  • We believe in working in an environment where people are treated with respect.
  • We believe everybody has bad days so cannot always guarantee #1.
  • We believe in working collaboratively, hence the “& Friends”.
  • We believe the best work comes from inspiration, not fear. (Usually.)
  • We believe that a close relationship between client and agency gets the best results.
  • We believe in using creativity to solve a business problem, not to show off to our mates.


What do we do?

We are usually referred to as an advertising agency but in truth we do whatever we can to help our clients do whatever it is that they want to do. Some clients want to change the world; some want guidance through the digital maze; others just want to prop up sales for the fourth quarter. What they have in common is that they all want the process to be as painless as possible.

Do you do digital?

Absolutely, you cannot be in our business without ‘doing digital’. Have a look around our website and you’ll see we build websites, make banners, run social media campaigns, create films for content, run online promotions, and work with the best performance media in New Zealand.

Who is Barnes?

Daniel Barnes is Partner & Founder of BC&F Dentsu. Daniel followed his father into the business by starting his own agency in 1996. He was joined by Paul to form Barnes, Catmur & Friends in 2008. In his spare time Daniel is a rockstar and silverback surfer.

Who is Catmur?

Paul Catmur is CEO & Founder. After working at the top level in agencies across the hemispheres, he joined up with Daniel to form BC&F in 2008. He used to be a croupier in the Bahamas, but that’s another story.

Who is Farmer?

Whatever his mum might tell you, Luke Farmer is not actually the F of BC&F Dentsu, though he currently fills that role. He showed his promise working his way up through top NZ agencies before joining BC&F in 2011. Luke is now Managing Partner of the agency.

Who is Stalker?

Creative Director Mick Stalker has done wonderfully creative and effective work across some of New Zealand’s biggest and best brands. He is originally from Newcastle which as well as making him highly sociable, means his accent is a little tricky and he’s not to be left out in the sun.

Who are the & Friends?

We like to look upon staff, clients and suppliers as Official Friends. Hopefully that respect is returned.

Who are Dentsu?

Dentsu, based in Tokyo, are the single largest advertising agency in the world with around 35% of the Japanese market and a growing global presence in digital, creative and media. They even have their own Robotics Division. While our own Robotics experiments have experienced teething problems we share their desire to keep pace with technological change.

Who are the Dentsu Aegis Network?

This is where it gets mildly complicated, but bear with us. The Dentsu Aegis Network is a division of Dentsu which groups together a number of companies. In New Zealand DAN has media, digital, PR and marketing under its umbrella. We come together as required to be a pretty formidable team

Why should I talk to you?

Because we really try and listen before we talk back. Often the biggest part of the problem is actually defining what the problem is. Once we’ve got that sorted the solution is generally much clearer.

We’ve run out of questions

Questions are strictly limited here, so if you have any more go to our contacts page and please get in touch.